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About the dojo

The Bujinkan is the only association in the world which teaches authentic Ninja arts from the time of feudal Japan. It is recognized by both the Japanese Government and the Imperial Family and possesses the 9 ancient ninja and samurai ryuha passed down from Soke (grandmaster) to Soke.

The name of our Malaysian Dojo is Bujinkan Hachimon Dojo Malaysia.

* Bujinkan means "Hall of Divine Spirit Warriors"
* Hachimon in Japanese means "Eight Gates" which consists of

[1] Ninja no Kiai
[2] Ninja no Taijutsu
[3] Ninja no Ken
[4] Ninja no Yari
[5] Ninja no Shuriken
[6] Kajutsu
[7] Yugei
[8] Kyomon

* Dojo means "The place of the way" or "Training Hall".

At present, the Bujinkan Hachimon Dojo is led by Mr. James Lee P. K. and his senior students. The members train at different locations both outdoors and indoors.
Seminars are conducted by experienced instructors from overseas to increase the knowledge and Taijutsu skill of the members.
At the same time, the Dojo also organizes training camps, self-defense sessions, trips and in-house friendlies for members.